My name is Nathan Rinne and I am an academic librarian who works at Concordia Saint Paul in Saint Paul, MN. I am interested in the disciplines of theology, philosophy, science, history, and of course, librarianship. I enjoy listening to news podcasts and I like to listen to views across the spectrum – including the “fringes” (and I appreciate both Subaru Outbacks and Ford Trucks ; I have enjoyed watching both Duck Dynasty, and yes, I confess, Modern Family). When it comes to issues of reliability, credibility, and trustworthiness, I think I have something to say.

Lucian Minor, who also writes for this blog, has been told that he is descended from Lucian of Samosata, but he believes he was actually the love child of Austen Heller  (in his younger years) and Marian Paroo-Hill, who later rose to fame as the Annoyed Librarian.

As we like to say here in Concordia St. Paul’s library….