Tim Poole appears to be a new breed of independent reporter. There are few people like him, and, unfortunately, it seems that there are few who can be like him.

Here’s an intriguing recent tweet from Tim, who has always thought of himself as a person who identifies more with political liberalism:

And here he is with an absolutely fascinating analysis and breakdown of the modern news industry.

It is well worth a look. Two of the highlights for me were his discussion of churnalism and his appraisal of — and concern about — the increasing political divides that characterize modern journalism. He sees these divides as being perpetuated in response to what people want — highly partisan sources of information. Therefore news organizations that want to be viable (make money) respond in kind.

All this said, evidently You Tube, one of his sources of income, is making it much more difficult for persons like him to do what he does:


Listening to these men talk is a little bit surreal. Is what they are talking about real? They seem quite credible.

They say it’s not really the case that You Tube is targeting persons who are more wiling to give time to political causes on the right – some You Tubers more on the left are getting hit as well. These You Tube reporters hypothesize that the recent changes regarding advertising revenue that are happening on the platform have more to do with the traditional forms of media (not just reporting) going down — and wanting to drag everyone else down with them… (You Tube though, Pool says, is losing advertisers to, for reasons he describes in the video).

As Pool points out, if this new breed of reporters is going to survive, they are going to need to find patrons to help support them, through Patreon or other such means.